We would just like to express how grateful to Great Spirit we are for our connection to you and opening our hearts.  We are like everyone, searching and knowing there is more out there and attending your workshops certainly opened our heart and mind.  It was a wonderful experience and we hope that you will be able to continue to touch lives as you have touched ours.  Through that workshop we began a great friendship and family tie that can never be broken.  Just opening us up and helping us to find St. Germain and attending his workshop was a once in a lifetime experience. We do hope to attend future workshops.


We feel you would be so good at bringing in talent from all over and would hope that they could connect to our family as we have.


Hugs, Kisses, Love, Peace, Blessings and much Light,

Harry and Diane Hardt


Ron Sirchie is both my teacher & dear friend.  When I took my first workshop from Ron I was immediatel struck by his effortless ability to put people at ease.  He seems to always make you feel as if you're greeting an old friend you just haven't seen in a while.  He's compassionate, insightful, organized and very detail oriented.  He's able to take complicated concepts & make it very easy to understand.  If you need something done well he's your man!


Love you always. Say hi to the girls.


"Ron is an amazing teacher and inspiration for all those desiring to walk in integrity on the spiritual path.  I had the great opportunity to study the Flower of Life meditation from Ron.  Not only is he eminently knowledgeable about the evolution of our souls at this time in human history, but he continually inspires and prods one to go deeper on the journey.  Ron is at the center of a huge web of people whom faciliates connection, shares information and inspires.  He is a gifted teacher and healer."


Wendy Parsons

Jenkintown PA

Hi Ron,

I wanted to thank you and Shannon again for such an amazing experience, one that I will never forget (my first workshop). It certainly was a wonderful and diverse group of individuals which is what makes THIS life so good, and soon enough everyone will be on the same page...man I can't wait!

 I appreciate all the videos and music, and realize all the time and effort you put into them, which makes it all the more special. Also I really like the crystal, you're both very kind and special souls...thank you.

Thanks again Ron and it's good to have a new brother, at least new on this go around!

Talk to you soon buddy,  Mike



I will be ever grateful that Spirit led me to Ron Sirchie, who was the facilitator for my FOL workshop in December 2006.  Ron has an excellent grasp of the material and information -- not only on the intellectual level but, more importantly, on a heart and soul level.  He gives the workshop participants the freedom to discover and experience the meditations on their own with gentle guidance, but he is also always there for answers and more direct guidance as needed.  


After attending the initial workshop, I was delighted to find that Ron encourages ''grads'' to attend future workshops.  This allowed me to develop close friendships and sharing with other workshop participants, which is wonderful!  Ron is flexible and adapts his supplimental workshop activities to the needs of the individuals in each workshop so everyone receives just what they need.


Ron is a warm, carring, highly spiritual person and I am honored and delighted to have been able to participate in so many of his workshops over the last several years.

Hugs to you, Shannon and the girls and all of my FOL family!!

Love, Joy and Hugs!


I'd like to thank you again for your excellent guidance & support, your enthusiasm that inspired us greatly & the  "ligthworkers family" atmosphere you created for us...You will always be remembered as a great comrade in our path of evolution...All the best  ... Erhan

In my experience with Ron Sirchie, I found him to be of the salt to discuss a wide range of topics both materially and experientially.  Handling and working with a group is challenging in itself.  I think Ron's particular experiences in business and topics considered, lend him a smooth transition to events coordinator in a venue that can accommodate his growth and evolution with a good number of well read and known authors, publishers, scientists and philosophers and the public at large..  I would venture to say that not only can Ron manage the business well but his significant outreach with others disposed to the work lend support to the process and growth of the venture...




David Thomas NChd

I am writing this to recommend Ron Sirchie as a Workshop Facilitator.  I first attended the Flower of Life Worship in May of 2009 and it was a life changing experience.  Ron created such a safe and open environment without coming across as a "guru" more interested in a following than in the development of each person and the group as a whole.  Since my first workshop, I have dropped in on two other workshops for the afternoon.  He always welcome former Flower of Life workshop attendees to drop in on other workshops.  I could see how he is really open to the energy of each group and did different group exercises and meditations depending on what the group wanted or what he felt would be helpful.  


I have attended many, many workshops over the years in Pennsylvania, New York and San Diego, where I lived for 8 years and I have never met or worked with such a gifted, humble and excellent facilitator.  Any facility or organization would be very fortunate to have Ron as a facilitator.



Gary Christopher Tumolo

Meeting you and taking your workshop this August was one of most profound experiences for me this year.  It literally opened a new chapter in my life. Your Love and Light, your generosity and patience were absolutely out of the ordinary.  Not only you are an excellent facilitator of FOL workshop, your knowledge beyond the scope of the workshop is shocking. We are talking about years of study and tuning in with different spiritual practices, teachings and very broad spectrum of information on various subjects from our mundane life to the latest news in science. I remember how you and your wife were answering our questions for hours after 10 hours of workshop for 3 days!


I am still working through the information you gave us or referred us to, and I’ve read about 6 books, watched more than 50 h of documentaries and I still have a way to go.


You have built a large group of people around you and this group continue to grow. You are also making sure that we are up- to- date with the information you are working with.  It takes a lot of work and I have to say that I can’t catch up with everything you are sending us.  I admire your work, Ron.


With lots of Love to you and your family

Maria Volkova


Hey Ron;

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me in the years that we have been friends.

There has been soooo much. You brought to me the most profound experience of connecting to Higher Conscienceness while attending and following your facilitation of the Merkaba workshops. It was so enlightning. Finding the key to turn the engine of my life on and learning to tap into the greatest source known to fuel the engines, Love; seemed to be your clear objective in Mentoring me for the past 6 years.

Thank you my brother! None has ever shared and shared and continue to share like you have.

Your gifts: tapes, CD's, DVD's articles, and Voice are Raising Conscienseness!

Ron takes the Flower of Life Workshop and really makes it busrt with the energy that it is truly about. The material in this course can be truly transformational when practiced.  I've only been home a week and feel much more self-empowered and feel like I'm getting back in touch with the limitless possibilities of this earth walk and my personal creativity.  Ron is a totally unconditionally loving person with total exhuberance and love for life, this work (and I'm sure anything els he does), and the people he meets.  If we all would give as unconditionally as Ron, we would surely heal our planet.  "Espavo" is a mayan word that means "thank you for taking your power."  


Espavo, Ron and much gratitude!  


I can’t believe how easy it was to get this Mer-Kah-Ba meditation. It seemed like an insurmountable task to me when I was reading Drunvelo’s books on the subject. Then I got Ron’s email from the Flower of Life website and from there everything fell into place.  First I emailed Ron to ask him what he offered and how much it would cost me. He answered me with a ton of information and flyers for his workshop. I sent in a deposit and waited for the beginning date to become “now’” Now came and when I arrived at the workshop Ron was so warm and welcoming to me. What a light he is! He immediately made me feel sooo welcome into his workshop. There were no judgments, no hesitations—just warmth, loving and most importantly there was such an abundance of information and it was delivered to me in a very caring manner. I believe Ron is a true Way shower. I would recommend anyone with a desire to reach into Spirit to take Ron’s workshop, without hesitation.  I will gladly answer any questions you might have about Ron and his workshop. That’s how much I believe in him and his work. I can be reached at 484-213-7580 and my name is Patricia. My email is [email protected]  In Love and Light, Patricia

MerKaBa / FOL / ATIH Workshop Testimonials

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