My Mentors

Yvonne DeVastey

This is Yvonne DeVaste - She is my Reiki Teacher.  Yvonne opened up the garage door with my first experiences of Energy Healings.  wowzers!!!


Thank you Yvonne for having the patience with my Indigo self.

Dr. Emoto Emoto water_crystal_prayer emoto-water

This is Dr. Emoto the WATER CRYSTAL GUY, who forever changed my consciousness about WATER!!  

AlexandI CosmUnityBreath 10622930_10152503975671881_8009837846526462958_n

MAN YOU BETTER KNOW WHO ALEX GREY IS!!!!  This man takes visionary art to all new levels of consciousness.  In the Spiritual communities Alex is very well known for his art work.  He is a huge inspiration to me.  

header_cosm_2 Dru1 DruandI DrunvaloRon DruandI2

Another WOWZERS  Drunvalo Melchizedek has turned over the biggest Metaphysical rocks and has provided Humanity with Timeless Teachings.  It always comes down to "WHAT R U GOING TO DO" with the information.  Thank You Dru for being ALIVE at this juncture of Time & Space

GatewayComputer 15632 GatewayComputer 15638

This is Dr. Ramesh.  He was my Tachyon technologies Instructor, dealing  with Tachyon energy healing modality, which I use during my private healing sessions and during the ATIH workshops

hunbatzmen-300x224 HunzbatzManand I OCt 2011 CrystalSkullsEvent

Meet “Hunbatz Men  a "Daykeeper" of the Lower or "Itza" Maya, and a part of the Mayan Council.  

If one was to learn about the "MAYAN CALENDER" Wouldn't they then ask the MAYANS??  They never said Dec 21st 2012 was the end BUT rather the beginning of a new cycle.

GatewayComputer 14403

Meet Shannon Winter Sirchie MY LOVE


There are no words except I LOVE YOU WITH MY ENTIRE BEING for everything


Meet Sean Stone (son of Oliver) Sean Christopher Ali Stone is an American actor, film director, producer, cinematographer and screenwriter.


He's the producer of BUZZSAW one of my favorite metaphysical news sources

Images from Phone 2013 1368 Images from Phone 2013 1370

One of the best things about being connected to Drunvalo Melchizedek is the amazing people that come into your life, like Robert Dakota and his partner Yuko Ito. The powerful Sedona Duo will rock your world with their hearts of Gaia knowledge and their connections to many global elders.  Robert's work in media most not be overlooked.  He's the founder of WroldViewZ.

Cathy O'Brien - I'm speechless when it comes to this amazing woman.  Her story is "Mind Blowing" to say the least.  Her book "Trans formation AMERICA" rocked my world, and anyone else I knew who read it.  She is definitely one of my all time Heros.  

Mark Phillips is Cathy's partner, he rescued her from a MK Ultra Grovernment program.  Together their stories are increadible

RonHolt Ron&LyssaHolt 27F Orbs 05

Lyssa and Ron Holt are two of my favorite teachers.  I've learned so much about being a facilitator through them on so many levels.  Lyssa is a well known channel and author and Ron her husband has taught me much about perseverance and inner strength along with his deep knowledge of "Sacred Geometry."  Together this dynamic duo are some of the two best people you could ever know.  I will thank them until the end of 3D time and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the cosmic dance floor at the big party.  


TOM KENYON and his partner Jodi -  Are you looking for SOUND HEALING, this man will vibrate your soul on multiple levels.  I attended a workshop of Tom's back in 05'.  I was never the same afterwards.  My Heart and Mind were transformed into higher states of consciousness.  Tom's work is like no others.  I highly recommend you sample is audio section.  You too will see very fast how powerful his work is.  


In 04' I was honored to assist Marianne Williamson and our goal of helping Dennis Kucinich creating a "DEPARTMENT OF PEACE."  Why not, we have a Depart of Defense, why not a think tank of PEACE?!?!  This is still on the table for government, just a matter of creating enough awareness to help make the shift in people's perception!!  I stand behind Marianne and all her work!

GatewayComputer 3896 Scott ScottH 032

In 08' I had the privilege of Hosting a private concert with Spiritual musician Scott Huckabay.  This guy is awesome and he's a huge "sacred geometry" lover.  He came with his own Flower Of Life banner, which everyone thought was mine.  lol  This concert was held at our dear friend Martha's outdoor amphitheater.  Our close friend Colleen was very influential in housing Scott and throwing a fun dinner party.   If you're looking for good guitar riffs check him out!  

VisitingCal Me&Sheldon

Below you will see images of many mentors and heros in my life.  My childhood friend, coworkers and so many others, thank you for everything.  


In Lak'esh

GatewayComputer 15364

Meet Sondra Jane Sirchie - Mom and Spiritual Mentor.  Mom was full of Life and She loved to help anyone or anything in need.  I learned the value of True Love from her.   She left this Earth Plane Feb 11th 2012 to assist from the Higher realms.   She is deeply missed by many but always felt in our Hearts!!  


Meet Alan Steinfeld Creator of NewRealities Videos.  His video interviews are legendary in the alternative world.  I've learned so much from his timeless interviews with some of today's top thinkers in the Metaphyiscal realms of knowledge.  Thank You Alan!!! Keep it up!!!

Cal Garrison is a practicing astrologer with over 45 years of experience in the field.


At present she goes between casting horoscopes, writing books, and working as environmental clearing specialist.


Cal was also Head Editor of Drunvalo's Spirit of Maat Emag for many yrs.   To me she is a desert goddess and I'm honored to know her.

Sheldan Nidle is the founder of the Planetary Activation Organization, a UFO religion. He states he is capable of telepathic communications and is in contact with extraterrestrials.


I've been following his work since the late 90s.


Out of this world!!  

20150411_212115 20150411_233255 20150412_152900

Laura is a Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to reveal our true origins connected with the 'Magdalene' and 'Gaia-Sophia' energies of love and wisdom and works to liberate us from the Military Industrial Complex, the Archonic systems and false power structures.  She brings a strong sense of survival to the plate of humanity.  I'm honored to know her.  

Fritz Springmeier is probably the world's foremost authority on the bloodlines of the Illuminati and the techniques they employ to create a mind controlled slave. His books on mind control (co-authored with former Illuminati programmer Cisco Wheeler) are without peer in depth, rigorous detail, and uncompromising accuracy.


His work, eye opening to say the least.  Another being i'm honored to know.  

Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA.  Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. 


I first saw Mark speak at Essene market back in 07'  I knew on many levels he was a kindred spirit.   A South Philly Brother, bringing the Love!

Images from Phone 2013 1373

Freeman, host of, has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. Freeman created the first documentary on HAARP and televised the first documentary on chemtrails. He's been honored by the Mayan shamans and blessed by the King of Bungalung while enlightening the world on the occult aspects of Hollywood, technology, and politics with his TV show the Freeman Perspective.


Another Truth seeker I'm honored to have met.  

Alan Steinfeld JimMarrsFYM4 20150410_191603 GarettIcke KenandGirlfriend FYM5

The One and Only Jim Marrs.  One of the most riviting truth seakers of our time.  Best selling Historian and Conspiracy Theorist.  His work was used in O. Stone's JKF movie.   LOVE THIS GUY!!  

17884481_10154340116581881_7618010986795803198_n LukeRudowskiandIIcke2016 is jim fetzer 17862755_10154340116401881_2704386287477108181_n DanDickPressForTruth MarySeanYoung FreeYourMindCrew FreeYourMindCrew1 998130_10200972066937631_409327483_n NickJandI JorgieandI RobertandYukoATIHtraining 3095_1140352634483_7627238_n

Gareth Icke is a singer/songwriter, author, personal trainers & former international beach soccer player based in Derby, England.


He's also the son of the famous Conspiracy Proven facts David Icke.  


It was great to meet and talk while attending his dad's lecture in Bronx New York.  

Meet Josie Wales fellow freedom fighter / trusth seeker and author for Anti Media.  Her tenacious ability to report the facts is deeply appriciated.  There needs to be more women like her.  


Meet fellow Philadelphian and great friends the one and only Nick The Energy Elder Johnson.  This man brought uncountable energy modalities to my life, from Young Living Oils, to Tachyon technologies, Feng Shui to IsAgenix.


Nick has been holding down the metaphysical fort for decades.  People like Nick make it easy to continue to move  foward.  



Meet my brother Jorgie Pacheco my traveling Shaman Brother from Chile.

We spent yrs sharing and teaching each other many levels of metaphysics.  Of course we met because of Drunvalo Melchizedek.  

You Can find Jorgie in Italy now.

WOW LENON HONOR, I just love this Kat.  He's the poster child (besides myself) for a balanced loving Husband and parent.  Man if you are either (parent or husband) and looking for some guidence, i recommened you look into all this man's work.  He is a Rock Star to truth , love, happiness in a house hold.  He's also a Freedom fighting truth seeker.  LOVE THIS MAN!!!  

Jim Fitzer ... American Journalist and Hero ... Thank You Jim ... AMAZING

Adam Kokesh is an American political activist. A decorated veteran of the war in Iraq, Kokesh came to disparage war and adcocate nonviolent resistance to power.


He's been arressted protesting the demise of American freedoms close to 40 times in 8 yrs.


He's a true hero and has the heart of Gold.  Tagged THE FREEDOM MAN!!



You all know Luke Rudksowski right , from WEARECHANGE?

He is legendary in ambush Journalism and sticking the mic into prominent Governmental figures faces to aske the questions MSM refuses to ask.



Sean Young

Dan Dix "Press For Truth" out of Canada.

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