Hello Thank you for taking the time to look into my work.  I've spent 28 yrs of my adult life caring  and helping others through my trained studies in the "Healing Arts."


You can look into my Accolades and Testimonials to get a feel of the level of healing abilities I've come to harness.


 Though I honestly believe only person that can heal you is yourself!!  

I'm not your average therapist.  My sessions encompass a Mind/ Body / Spiritual attunement which run generally 90 to 120 minutes.  


I've been Shamanically, Conventionally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Metaphysically trained to assist you with any Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual Aguish.  

Ron's private studio is located in Queen Village area of Phildalphia.


For scheduling or questions email Rsirchie@msn.com  or



Hours: Mon thru Sat

10am til 7:30 pm


Price: $100.00

Frist time clients $25 discount


Average session is 90 min!


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Tachyon cocoon

Tachyon Cocoon, Crystals and gems,  Earthing Mat, Didgeridoo, Singing bowls and traditional REIKI along with other Shamanic modalities

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Reiki - $30 - 45 minutes


$15 first time client special 


Ron Also Holds bi montly Reiki Classes