As the owner of the City's largest health and fitness business, I enjoy access to some top quality massage professionals. Ron is among the very best.

He understands the specific  needs of his clients--takes the time and truly invests the energy and expertise to make sure you leave his table

with a a body and spirit more-attuned to the people and opportunities for personal enjoyment that all around you.

He brings your mind and body to a more serene place and he does it in unique and ultra-enjoyable way.    Rick Piper




I have been seeing Ron for theraputic massage for 18 years. To say he is THE BEST is certainly an understatement. I have had massages all over the word and none can come close to him in expertiste, energy and kindness. Ron is not a clock watcher. An hour massage usually becomes an hour and a half to two hours. His choice of music and ambience are awesome. If you are fortunate enough to get him to do some Reiki you will be carried away to another dimension.

        He charges way too little and delivers an experience that will be with you until you get to see him again. I live in Costa Rica now ; but the first thing I do when I go home is schedule an appointment with Ron.


Larry Hartman




Ron was recommended to me six years ago by a colleague of mine who used to work with him at Toppers spa in Philadelphia.

After that first visit, I was hooked.  I've had bodywork done by a few different people, but with Ron I knew I had

found someone who is a natural.  As I got to know Ron over the years, and participated in one of his meditation workshops,

it was clear to me that he has seriously devoted his life to the healing arts.  Not only does he focus on the physical

knots in my body, but I also sense his healing energy working to quiet my mind and soul as well.  His professional massage

room is devoted to making his clients feel relaxed and taken care of.  His professionalism, intuition and experience come through immediately.  I feel completely at ease knowing I can trust him to give me just the treatment I need.  


Barbara Zanelli




Dear Ron -- I have been the happy recipient of your generosity in body work as well as your meditation workshop. As you know, I was kind of reluctant, but once there, I felt the energy of the group with you as our leader. I was so impressed with how you were able to take the rather large group of people and give each of us the attention and freedom to feel our way into this new modality. I will forever feel grateful for your caring and love and guidance.


All warmth,





Ron is not only my loving partner of 20 years, he has also been my body worker.  He truly is blessed with divine hands.  But it goes further than just his touch.  He genuinely cares about healing your mind, body, and spirit.  I also witness first hand the time and effort he devotes to his practice.  He has a natural gift of creating a warm, peaceful, inviting atmosphere for his clients to not only unwind, but feel safe to do so.  It goes beyond just a job for Ron.  Most of his clients have been seeing him for years and now considered family.  I also witness owners of top spas, gyms, and salons come through our door to experience his sessions, when they could easily go to their own establishments.  His aura puts off such a wonderful loving light, you can't help but feel better in his presence.  I'm not just saying this because he is the love of my life, I'm saying this because so many feel this way about this man and his loving hands.....

He truly is a modern day shamin that offers a one of a kind experience that everyone deserves to have. He is "the best kept secret" revealed.

I Love you with all of my heart,






I have known Ron Sirchie for 14 years now.

Being highly motivated to succeed, I have lived my life chasing money, yet I am always yearning for greater meaning, and peace.

With my ADHD, busy career, raising children, stresses, etc., I had no knowledge, or time, to pursue or attain this peace.

Going to Ron for body work was only the beginning of a process that I am still just beginning. He has truly guided me throughout this evolution. By his modelling, patience, and true understanding of each of us and our personal development, he has sent me on an exciting and wonderful journey that gets better, and more enlightened, every week.

Always available. He is always searching and exploring those things that we all want to know and he is always happy to share them any way he can.

He has introduced me to a world that I had never before been touched. He has opened this world of a new conciousness that I have only begun to visit!

I am blessed by him!


Steven Savitz





"I met Ron in 2000 when he volunteered his massage and reiki skills for a Wellness Day at the agency I worked for. With a little break in between, I have been going to him for his healing work since. One word to describe Ron and how I describe him to others is a "healer".  His energy has been healing to me at various times in my life as well as receiving body work. He is a master at his craft of massage and reiki. It is a gift he received and a gift that others can receive from him. I highly recommend him and his services for others to experience."



Kristin Motta



When I think of Ron Sirchie's work as a massage therapist the first words that come to mind are awesome and phenomenal!!  I first met Ron 10 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Prior to meeting Ron, I had been treated by a number of massage therapists.  After being treated by Ron I knew there was no comparison. He was, and still is completely intuitive to what treatment is necessary. Once you are on his table he tells you " this is your time ", and he never rushes.  Ron is a master at his craft. Ron also works with you at your request - whether that is quiet, serenity time with a soothing massage or deep tissue massage to get the "knots" out. From a personal experience I went through last year, I was experiencing tingling/numbness in my fingers. I went to the physician who was about to send me for nerve stimulation, I went to the chiropractor who helped slightly, but RON WAS THE ONE   who cured me with a very deep tissue massage, and advice on stretching.  I also believe a part of the healing is the great energy he puts into his work. He truly has a gift. In fact, I call him my healing angel.  Ron is amazing!  He understands that we are made up of mind, body and spirit, and that when the body is feeling good everything else falls into place.

He creates a relaxing atmosphere with the music he selects, the bright open space of his studio, and he pulls out all the stops with hot stones, warm towels, scented oils, mentholated skin ointment, and full treatment of the body from head to toe.  Coupled with his warm personality, this combination makes treatment with Ron an oasis - a place to just free your mind, body and spirit… to relax, breathe, and enjoy taking some healing time for yourself.

 In our sessions I always learn a little something too as we do love to talk!   I have the good fortune of having Ron in my life as a gifted massage therapist, an educator, a spiritual adviser, and a compassionate friend.

  Believe it when you read that Ron has  " the finest hands in Philly ". In fact, better than reading about it,  give him a call and experience it for yourself.  

Ron Sirchie is simply THE BEST !



Michele Fagan

Philadelphia, PA






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