Nia is a body-mind-spirit fitness and lifestyle practice.


Through expressive movement-The Body's Way-Nia empowers people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  It is inspired by the energy and movements of Dance, Martial Arts and the Healing Arts of Yoga, Moshe Feldenkrais Body Isolation and The Alexander Body Alignment Technique.  Nia works in harmony with the body as Donna provides a guided exploration of every muscle and joint in the body during the one hour session.  The program begins with 15 minutes of gentle stretching and concludes with 8 minutes of relaxation and reflection which is heaven after 45 minutes of heart pounding cardio.  The benefits are strong a clear mind, refreshed body and renewed spirit.

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Colleen McMurray R.N.

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

"The power that made you heals you"


Phone: 610-353-9332








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